Why Lagadapati changed his mind and released survey results in advance?

Lagadapati is well known person in Telugu states for various reasons. He was the person who had opposed tooth and nail for a bridge or flyover on a road to Durga Temple. Traffic is always nightmare on this road for people who wanted to come to Vijayawada from Hyderabad or leave Vijayawada to Hyderabad through Vijayawada- Hyderabad national highway. Irrespective of the wishes of the people in Vijayawada, that is his adamant behavior for reasons known to him only, that flyover didn’t happen when he was MP.

He was in news every day during United Andhra struggle in Seemandhra region and simultaneously for separate Telangana struggle in Telangana region. He had promised Seemandhra people that separate Telangana would never materialize and gave false impression that he had first hand information in Delhi as MP. He misled entire Seemandhra region with his nonsensical utterances on daily basis. Finally, he was remembered as “pepper spray Rajgopal “for his silly acts in Parliament during motion of the Telangana bill in Parliament.

But he is very popular and became reliable source for his poll surveys during elections through out the nation. There is no doubt his surveys are very close to the actual results in majority of the cases and he is in very high demand for the same. Many parties reached out to him for internal surveys to find out mood of the people in their respective regions. In fact, KTR reached to Lagadapati for the same for his state and that survey predicted TRS comes to power with ease.

This is past and recently he had informed media that he will publish his latest survey results on 7 th after polling is completed. Then he changed his mind and informed that many independents are going to win and announced two independent names. Later in conversation with ABN Vemuri Radha Krishna in Big Debate program, he told vehemently that he would hold his survey results until 5pm on 7 th . Then again, he changed his mind and came out in front of media to give his survey results.

What would have happened in short period of time?

Everyone was surprised when he came out in front of media and declared that Front or Maha Kutami is in advantageous position in the coming elections in TS. What had changed in one day in announcing previous day that results would be published on 7 th evening and next day announcing that Front is in better position to grab the power?

Election results will come on 11 th and one should wait until that time to have actual results. His track record is always good as far as earlier surveys are concerned and point in contention is timing of announcement and changing his mind in the last minute. Would he have been published the same survey had the survey results would be otherwise? Now intellectual and analysts in two states are questioning his motives in announcing the same. They thought it is to influence neutral voters who may not have decided yet. He was adamant when his close friend ABN Radha Krishna pressed him for the same and next day he changed his mind and gave a fillip to Front.

Many people who are in politics for long time questioning his motives and suspecting that his old congress connections and caste lobby played a role. No one knows the truth. If front wins elections with razor thin majority then it should be a big thanks to Mr. Lagadapati and has to see how front would in turn pay their due share to him.

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