KCR's 'Eye' on National Politics & His Outlook !

1. Mr. K. Chandrasekhar Rao, the Chief Minister of Telangana, in his first press conference after the landslide victory in the Assembly elections shared with people about his outlook on national politics & announced his plan of action. He said that he will undertake national tour along with the MIM President Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi to mobilise and get the support of the minority communities to his political agenda. 

2. When efforts are on to unify the opposition parties under the slogan "Save Democracy - Save Nation", to defeat Mr. Nrendra Modi led NDA Government, which has crippled the economy and destroyed the autonomy of the institutions with his autocratic rule, Mr. KCR has unveiled his idea of 'alternative' politics.

3. KCR ventilated some of his ideas. a) He vehemently criticised the Supreme Court's judgment putting a cap of 50% on reservations and advocated freedom to states to fix reservations on the basis of population, while advocating 12% reservations to the Muslim minorities, b) He favoured replacement of present Indian Judiciary on the lines of the American judicial system, c) He also raised the issue of river water utilisation.

4. He claimed that his political agenda was different from other opposition parties. He says he is against both the BJP as well as the Congress and that he is not interested in merely uniting the regional parties but in uniting the people of India.

5. Let us have a broad review of the outcome of the Telangana State Assembly elections outcome to understand the mindset of Mr. KCR. 

6. A week days passed. Dust is settled. Lots of discussions & analysis on the results are going on and political parties are reviewing reasons for their failures.

7. No doubt, Mr. KCR is a scrupulous, meticulous, crude and intelligent bourgeoisie political leader. 

8. He has chosen the right time to hold early elections and dissolved the Assembly to get the political advantage and to retain the power at a time when the opposition parties are very weak and divided.

9. It is widely believed that he has the passive support of Mr. Modi and the Governor. It is evident from the following - Dissolution of the Assembly and within hours it being approved by the Governor, who had issued gazette notification and the announcement of election schedule by the Election Commission as per Mr KCR's wishes and conducted.

10.  It is widely alleged that there is a clear nexus between the ruling party leaders and the officials i.e., police, revenue and other government departments involved in the election process & duties.

11. Once again Mr. KCR mesmerized the people with his undisputed oratary skills and exploited the Telangana sentiment by targetting the TDP president and Andrha Pradesh chief minister Mr. Chandrababu Naidu instead of treating Congress as main rival. He raked up the sensitive and contentious river water disputes to arouse sentiments.  Interestingly, he also received the unconditional support from the political opponents of Mr. Chandrababu Naidu. Mr KCR used welfare schemes as effective tools. By and large, he managed the Muslim community by his alliance with MIM. He has also used the money power and exploited the weaknesses of the Opposition Party leaders. Finally, Mr. KCR succeeded in retaining the power with his electoral tactics.

12. Now at the end, look at the political intentions. The ruling parties are trying to bring sentimental issues to the forefront instead of real issues in the forthcoming Lok Sabha elections. 

13. The nation is already witnessing the BJP and its parent organizations RSS & VHP are once again raising the issue of Ram Mandir. They are also spearheading agitations against the Supreme Court judgment on the entry to women into Sabarimala Ayyappa Swamy Temple, apart from resorting to the excercise of renaming various cities & towns. 

14. The Presidents of TRS & MIM Mr. KCR & Mr. Asaduddin Owaisi, respectivley, are planning to tour different parts of the country aiming to mobilise the minority communities, more particularly the Muslim community. It was announced by Mr KCR himself at a press conference. He praised Mr.Owaisi as an intellectual and also certifed the Muslim leader as not a fundamentalist but a secularist. 

15. All these clearly indicate that both these political forces are now aiming to divert the attention of the people from the real issues and rake up the sentiments to reap the political dividends. It is going to be a very dangerous political game.

16. BJP preaching Hindutva ideology, MIM is continuing the legacy of Razakars with a religious manifesto, KCR performing 'Yagalu & Yagnalu' and praising MIM leader Asaduddin Owaisi, Congress President Mr. Rahul Gandhi visiting the Hindu temples, all of them with an 'eye' on vote bank politics. Can anyone expect any radical changes in Indian society, when Hindu & Muslim fundamentalists continue to practice religious & sentimental politics? Can anybody expect any betterment in the lives of people and peaceful & harmonious human relations among the citizens of this country?

Political Analyst

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