Order of extradition of Vijay Mallya

a Big boost to Modi Government

This Day is a big Day for India. Vijay Mallya, the much-talked person all these years is ultimately fixed. In post independent India, extradition of big wigs was never materialised. First time, a sincere effort was made, and it is first time CBI succeeded in legal history of extraditions to get back such a VIP back to the country for trial. May be still there are more steps to complete the process but expected all these hurdles will be cleared soon. The experts are of the opinion that Appeal Court may not come in the way because the prosecution charges, arguments, explanations and evidences were so strong that court can not ignore these aspects. Once Appeal Court clears this, I am confidant that Home Secretary will honour the judgement and extradite Vijay Mallya to India.

            It is the second case within a week. First, Christian Michel and now, much wanted Vijay Mallya. With these developments, the Indian political scenario will undergo change. The mood of the nation is to see that Modi should bring him back to the country and punish him under the law of land. Frankly speaking, none believes that Vijay Mallya will be brought back to the country. Today’s Court order reignites confidence in the Modi Government to certain extent because without sincere and serious efforts from political leadership in power, this is impossible task. This may be a mood changer once again. Sensing the mood and unable to digest this development, Congress and its President Rahul Gandhi is trying to undermine this development. Till yesterday, he demanded that Vijay Mallya should be brought back to India and blamed Modi for his failure in bringing him back to the country. Today, he said that it is not a big event. People will laugh at him and questions his sincerity in this regard. Even strategically he would have welcomed this step first and then demanded extradition of others. Unfortunately, his response lacks commitment towards the cause and lacks political strategy.

           When the news was broken out, National Media totally projected this as top item of the day despite other political developments like resignation of RBI Governor, resignation of Union Minister Kushwaha and rallying of non-BJP political parties on one platform as it was a top item for the country. But it was not the case with Telugu channels. Telugu media either unable to judge the things properly or willfully tried to undermine the issue synching with Congress and TDP line. Now a days whatever the stand of political parties or Media, people are smart enough to judge the things in their own way. These two extraditions (one already materialized and the other is in the middle of  process) definitely took the initiative from opposition parties by the ruling BJP and may decide future political direction before the coming Lok Sabha elections irrespective of results of five Assembly elections tomorrow. More skeletons in the cupboard before 2019 Lok Sabha elections!

-    Ram

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