Let there be halt on Rafale deal politics

Last session of this Parliament should work

Much water has flown down since the Rafale deal debate started. In the nation of largest democracy, there is nothing wrong in having debate, discussions and campaigns. Since the debate started, Rahul Gandhi made it a core issue in all platforms. Initially, the issue was not understood by many common people. But among intellectuals, urban elite and political activists, it has become debatable point. Due to the vigorous campaign by Rahul Gandhi continuously, it has become talking point among vast sections at later stage. Without going into merits of the argument, I can say that he was able to put forth his viewpoint in simple and clear language. He campaigned with attractive slogans like ‘Chowkidar Chor Hai ‘. However, he could not be able to produce any evidence as if there was corruption/bribe involved in the transaction. Vague allegations may be looking attractive for political campaign but not enough to fix the narrative.

Ultimately it reached the gates of Supreme Court. Today Supreme Court gave a judgement after hearing for and against in detail from all parties. Supreme Court judgement answered all the relevant questions in circulation.  It touched upon the issue of any violations in due process, purchase of 36 aircrafts alone, commercial favouritism, the quality of aircraft and the price difference. Supreme Court categorically declared that there was no prima facie evidence to order any enquiry in the matter and opined that the Rafale deal is followed due process and country can not afford in delaying the purchase anymore. It reviewed the price of aircraft and weaponry submitted in sealed cover by the Government item wise.  Nowhere, it found any substance in individual perceptions and allegations. It is a categorical judgement answering all the issues involved in the case.

In view of the above, now it is high time to end the politics involved in this matter. Unfortunately, Congress did not reconcile to the reality even after the highest Court delivered its judgement and repeating the same charges again and again in the channels and disrupting the Parliamentary proceedings demanding JPC probe. There is no weight in this demand after Supreme Court delivered judgement. Sri Kapil Sibal, eminent lawyer and Congress MP raised technical aspect that Congress was not party in the case. His argument was laughable. Supreme Court judgement is binding on everyone irrespective of one is petitioner or not. This type of silly arguments that too by eminent lawyer creates doubts in the minds of people whether their concerns all these days are genuine or simply political gimmicks. Enough is enough. They have played their role as opposition party and now time has come to put full stop in the interest of nation and its security. If they accept with humility the judgement of Supreme Court and allow Parliament to function, it will be appreciated by all democracy loving people of this country. Lot of legislative work is pending, and several people’s issues will be missing if Parliament is not allowed to function. There are umpteen number of other issues to highlight Government’ failures and let the opposition take up those issues in Parliament instead of obstructing functioning of Parliament. Let wiser counsels prevail upon them and be well utilized the last session of this Parliament to play their role effectively.


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